Megan began writing for The Mirror, the student newspaper of Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Since then, Megan has published poetry, essays, songs, theology, was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award and  is a contributing blogger for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's Living Lutheran.
Publications and Productions:

Wilgefortis: Megan is the founder of Wilgefortis, which donates a portion of its proceeds to charity. Wilgefortis is primarily concerned with queer, disability and poverty issues. Many of our publications are theological (primarily Lutheran), but we are also interested in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s books and other creative ways to talk about our focus areas.

Adult Books


Faithful Coloring Books


Children's Books

The Good News Childrens Book Series are books for diverse families and reconciling faith communities.  Each book reminds children that no matter what they do, say, wear or love, that God will love them.  With diverse themes and beautiful pictures, these books are a project of Grace Lutheran Church in San Francisco.

eBooks are exclusively available through Amazon, while print books will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and for discounted purchase from Grace Lutheran.