Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Questions From Grandma

I like grandma's questions because they are similar to the questions thousands of other Lutherans have but feel too embarrassed to ask their pastors.

I find that when I talk about faith in a way that my grandmother can understand, it's also more understandable to the typical person in the pew.

So please ease drop on these conversations and enjoy. I hope it inspires you to ask more questions about your faith and to begin talking out loud about what you believe with others.

Additional videos with Grandma:

New Living Lutheran Post: Lutheran Freedom

Some scholars argue that the most significant archeological find of the Reformation happened when they discovered Martin Luther’s toilet.

Calling it his “secret place,” it is thought that Luther did most of his writing while he battled chronic constipation.

While modern science may have been able to cure his reformational angst with pills and tonics, it was fear that paralyzed his bowels.

Luther carried the fear that he would go to hell deeply in his gut.

So when Luther had his breakthrough realization that he was freed in Christ to serve, that there was nothing he could do to screw up the salvation promised to him in his baptism and fulfilled by Christ on the cross, I imagine that the “a ha” came from inside his guts, which started to become unloosed (the literal translation of the Greek word used by Jesus for forgiveness in the Gospels).

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