Having found that the internet can often be used to reach more people than a traditional Sunday morning church setting, gallery opening or conference, Megan has used many multimedia tools to reach out to individuals across the country. Below are some of the video series that Megan created:
  • Questions From Grandma: Megan's Grandma asks her questions about faith, church history and Lutheranism.
  • Project Homeless Connect: Videos including interviews with PHC volunteers and participants: Dentures, Footwashing, DentalVisionPodiatry, Haircuts and Photography.
  • How to Pray Like a Drag Queen: At the heart of this project is the idea that the drag culture in San Francisco has much to teach the church and faithful people about generosity, claiming your truest self, hope and responding to violence and tragedy. Below are a few interviews with San Francisco drag queens and those who minister to them.  
  • Zanderology:  My favorite thing about Zander is that he has had at least nine lives.  He was born dead, woke up from a coma and ecovered from partial paralysis, has been a juvenile delinquent, a resident in a mental hospital, a sailor, an undercover cop, a social worker and a transsexual.  People often say change is possible.  Zander is living proof that change and transition (in all the ways possible) is not only possible, but a healthy part of life.
  • Otro Vanguard:  Oral Histories of LGBTQ Homeless Youth in the Tenderloin in 1963 and in 2010-12.  Additional stories from LGBTQ homeless youths and faith leaders recorded in shelters around the country. 
  • The Gospel According to Pop: Meditations that utilize ancient iconography to imagine the human emotion behind Gospel stories or the stories in between the lines.   MusicCast License #6400 
  • Just Lutheran Videos that seek to inspire, educate and create a do-it-yourself guide for Lutherans (and other eavesdroppers) to respond to hunger and poverty.
  • Travel Faithfully: A video series that talk about faith and many of the places that Pastor Megan travels to.  Perhaps it will inspire you to find faith as you travel.
  • Loneliness: Artistic videos about communal public loneliness, with the hope of inspiring people to interact and connect.