Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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The Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire has been described as heartbreaking for the LGBT community. There are at least three transgender people who are been confirmed dead.

Reverend Megan Rohrer is a pastor who is supporting families and friends of some of the transgender people who died in that fire.

So far three have been confirmed, 22-year-old Cash Askew, a musician with the dream pop band "them are us too" and Feral Pines, 29, whose brother told the Los Angeles Times she followed her path and was true to herself. The third transgender person identified was Em Bohlka whose partner, Natalie Jahanbani talked to ABC7 News on the phone.

"The world has a way of being unkind to those who we consider to be the norm and I just don't want one more trans person to die without getting a voice and getting to know who they are," said Rev. Megan Rohrer, transgender pastor.

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I spoke to one parents of a LGBT child who knew one of the victims whose name has been released and she was devastated not only mourning the loss of friends and a beautiful musician but it could have been her child.

Last night, Rev. Rohrer led a vigil in San Francisco requested by the LGBT community. Immediately following the fire, she was called in by the city of Oakland to assist those in the transgender community.

"I want people to know that they can get support whether it's today or in four months when it feels safe enough and all of the cameras have turned off and they feel then can get help in the community," said Rohrer.

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