Saturday, August 26, 2017

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Love Trumps Hate: San Francisco Spirit Prevails as Bad Guys Cancel Rally at Crissy Field


It seems Crissy Field will remain pretty and pristine tomorrow as the expected alt right rally there has blessedly fallen through.

Earlier this afternoon, Joey Gibson, the group's organizers, announced he was pulling the plug on the rally, allegedly due to safety concerns. All we can say to that is Bravo! to the city, the GGNRA, and the many passionate San Francisco resisters who scared them away. Despite the cancellation, the many wonderful unity events planned at Civic Center, the Castro, and around the city will still go off as planned.
Gibson's posse is planning a (so far un-permitted) press conference at 2pm at Alamo Square Park. But just as we pledged to stay away from Crissy Field, we won't be taking our signs to the Painted Ladies either. (What's a press conference without the press?!) We'll be jammin' out to Michael Franti at Civic Center instead.
"Yes we are still on," said Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer—one of the organizers of the group San Francisco Peacefully Unites Against White Nationalists—in a Facebook message to 7x7. "All the planners of our events met with the SFPD to ensure the safety of our events no matter how the plans of the rally would change," she said. "Our desire to unite against hate and in support of love is even more resolved." // For more information on tomorrow's peaceful demonstrations, go to

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