Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Heroines In Sci-Fi And Fantasy

Today's Lady News
By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / July 20, 2015

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A transgender minister in San Francisco who has roots in the Midwest has successfully raised enough money for bail for Meagan Taylor, a Black trans woman who was arrested in Iowa for being transgender. Taylor has been given dubious charges and has been held in an isolated medical cell because the Des Moines police don’t know how to handle a detainee who is transgender but hasn’t undergone surgery yet. The minister, Megan [Rohrer], is now looking to fundraise additionally to clear up outstanding fines so that Taylor can viably seek legal help. [The Advocate]

Joshua Feuerstein – former Evangelical minister, current Internet blowhard – suggested in a recent video that the gays are trying to take away everyone’s freedoms and that morally interested parties should fight gay rights with assault rifles. Which is exactly why he’s so charming. [Huffington Post]

Doris Payne, an 84-year-old jewel thief, strikes again! The octogenarian has stolen $2 million worth of jewels over the course of 60 years and, this weekend, stole a $33,000 engagement ring from a David Yurman location in Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s apparently infamous in the jewelry world, and clearly a vestige of a more glamorous bygone criminal era. [Jezebel]

Artist Scott Park has designed a print honoring the 63 most badass heroines in sci-fi and fantasy, a portion of which you can enjoy above, and which, if you wish, you can purchase from his Society6 page. [Geeks Are Sexy]
[Image via Scott Park]

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